Iku, The Jungle Man Is Back Again

Today I met Iku and his wife at Pardashani Marga and did some chit and
chats. In the above picture you can see Rabinsxp (me) with Iku and his
beautiful wife. Iku, the jungle man is back again. Yes I am talking
about the first comedy movie Iku (people usually make mistake with Eku)
by Suleman Shankar. This movie Iku – The Jungle Man is directed by Sagar
Lamichhane and produced by SMS Films & DCN.
Iku is back again and is releasing all over Nepal on Baisakh 15 (April
27, 2012). Please guys don’t forget watch IKU movie. The movie is really
good and the comedy of Iku, the Jungle Man too. Please share you views
with us by commenting online below and Tani Taka Nani Iku Iku Iku.

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