2nd Day of Tour, Butwal – Dharan

Today we got up early in the morning though we had slept too late last
night. On early of 2nd day also we did our sanitation work quickly and
became ready to leave. Yes we were ready to leave Butwal and move on for
Dharan. I was unknown about how far was Dharan but friends told it was
too far. While travelling to Dharan, we sang and danced on the way
passing many districts like Bara, Parsa, Sarlahi, etc. We discovered
those places were covered by Indians and mostly were undeveloped. We
were travelling through the route of Mahendra Highway. We saw the
fourate culture of Terai and learned how they look after their cattles
by riding buffaloes. It was quite facinating for me as I’ve never seen
such activities before.
While travelling we observed many kinds of forests. Also we saw many
factories like The Ghee Production Factory, Nepal Oil Company, Cement
Factory and others. Heading towards Dharan we passed many forests,
villages and many bridges too. We got chance to visit many different
beautiful places. One of them was the Koshi Barage constructed on Koshi
River which length 1149 m.
Then again we continued our journey towards our destination. After many
hours passing through many beautiful places and watching wonderful
temples & villages we reached to Dharan finally. Then we took our
dinner. In this way the 2nd day of tour passed happily and comfortably.
Now its time to go for bed and the very next day I’ll be writing about
the 3rd day of tour.

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