Facebook, today’s biggest social network site defines itself as a social
utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and
live around them. Most of us use Facebook to connect and share with our
families and friends. Some do business and some do survey in Facebook.
Advertisers focus on advertisements for their products whereas:
A boy is busy playing games and creating his own fan page.
Bloggers like me need traffic from Facebook and sociolist tries to solve
the issues on the group.
A girl miss calls her boyfriend and send long whole book story to his
Sometimes group chatting is fun and he/she pokes you and then you poke
her/him back.
Hi, please like my page.
This and that event is happening, aren’t you going?
You have been added to 123 group by xxx.
Time on Facebook? Hmm… 1 hr..2hrs…3hrs…I forget.
Yes this is today’s Facebook, get updated with this technology or you
will miss the above. 😛

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