Leopard Seen at Maharajgung, Kathmandu

By | May 22, 2012

Today at 6 A.M in the morning a Leopard (Chituwa) was seen at
Maharajgung (Kathmandu). The situation at that time was risky. Local
people called police and then the police relay this message to
Jawaulakhel Zoo. It was hard for them to come on spote because of Nepal
Banda. Finally, with guarded by security force staffs came and leopard
was injected at 11 A.M. They told us Leopard would be wakeup after 4
hours. It has been said the Leopard was 1-year-old and had came at night
from the Shivapuri forest.
Now Chituwa had been carring towards Zoo at Jawalakhel where it’s
medical check up would be done. Further, it would be placed on the Zoo
in new case doing regular checkup for some weeks, says officals from
Jawakhel Zoo House.

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