Full Stop on Binita’s Height

Here I want to talk something about the danger of fullstop in Binita’s
height. Along with the release of the Nepali movie "Chapali Height", the
gossip of Binita Baral was also on the height. There were more saying
the movie was hit because of her acting rather than sex scene. Baral got
full support from her senior actors, directors and the media too.

But as the Chapali Height is cooling down so as Binita is going to
shadow. The actress, Binita Baral is is now preparing for the release of
"Full Stop" but it the market neither there is gossip about the "Full
Stop" nor about the actress of the movie. "I am not satisfied with the
production team regarding the movie promotion.", Baral told to
OnlineNews. Though Baral was busy on Chapali Height’s promotion, it
seems she is not interested in Full Stop’s promotion. She is flying to
Qatar on Bhadra 1st for 8 days inspite the Full Stop Movie Release date
is on the way. Sabin Shrestha, the actor (hero) of the movie is already
out of the country. It’s fixed that it might affect Binita’s carrer if
the movie flopps. She became popular after Chapali but because of
different reason. Baral’s scope to cinema seems to be decreasing after
she was charged on Cyber Crime. According to the source, most of the
directors want to be away from her because of her own behaviour. She had
annoyed the producers demanding more money (rate) and rejecting the
scripts. According to the source, Kamal Krishna, the director of the
Full Stop Movie (2012), "Binita is a troublesome actress and working
with her is also very much difficult". At the end-clap of "Full Stop",
Binita messaged to the media without any dission of production team and
shooting unit that they were having party. Then this created distance
between Binita an the Unit.

Adding more about her, she is also being linked with her romance with
Sabin Shrestha but Rabinsxp here doesn’t mind in such things as it’s her
own life. It’s already been few months for the completion of Full Stop
but till now Binita got no movie in her hand. She got popular among the
medias & viewers after Chapali Height but now it seems she is unable to
secure her height. The actress who had gained height from her first film
has now came at the point where she has a risk of loosing her own height
because of her second film – Full Stop. Here I was just taking my words
for Danger of Full Stop in Binita Baral’s Height but now it’s your turn
to have your say.

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