iPhone 5 Nepal – Price List

iPhone 5 Price in Nepal

Price of iPhone in Nepalese Market
iPhone 5 Nepal – Price List

This page will display the price of iPhone 5 in Nepal, how to buy a new and second-hand iPhone in the market. iPhone 5s in Apple’s next iPhone said to be released on September 12. And also the pre-orders on the very same day. The rumors say the iPhone 5s features would be something like given below.

#1. Taller 4-inch display with 1136×640 resolution.

#2.Unibody, two-tone design.

#3. Variant of the dual-core A5X processor with quad-core graphics used
in the new iPad.

#4. Support for 4G LTE networks.

#5. Thinner than iPhone 4S.

#6. In-cell display technology.

#7. Memory: 1GB RAM.

#8. Marginally increase in capacity of the battery.

#9. New smaller dock connector NFC chip.

#10. iOS 6 with over 200 new features.

But we have still time to wait for the iPhone 5s or the new iPhone to arrive in the markets of Nepal.

Keep visiting this page. The price of iPhone 5s in Nepal would be available on this very page as this new iPhone arrives in Nepal.
(Q. What is the price of iPhone 5 in Nepal?. Ans: The cost price of
iPhone 5 in Nepal is 120000?).

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