The Real-time Stream

I just want to focus on the real-time stream in this post on Rabinsxp
Tech Blog. Real-time has been one of the biggest buzzwords of 2009, and
with good reason: it is literally creating a paradigm shift in the way
we share information with each other. Real-time status update platforms
like Twitter and Facebook allow users to exchange ideas and media almost

That’s changing the way we find information on the Web, shifting at
least some content discovery from search to real real-time interactions.
It’s such a big deal that search engines have begun integrating
real-time informathon into search reasults, so that people can get the
best of both worlds. Real-time search pairs organized, algorithmic
search of mostly static content with the absolute freshest, more
up-to-date information being shared or created on social platforms and
blogs. In other words, the real-time stream is improving the way we
communicate and spread news by making information instantly avilable.
And lastly I want to thank for reading about the real-time stream.

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