You realize the actual pain, when you go through it.
Thousands of philosophy fail to work at that time you try a lot to
forget, chill and move on for few times, it does jam you ever working

You feel life would've crashed in your head,
Unlock is all that surrounds you always,
God exists somewhere, but he never listens to you,
Because, there are many other, better than you.

You become a pessimist, you start blaming others,
Then you realise after sometime, mistake was yours,
You regret, if you hadn't let go the time you slipped.
"How can I even commit mistake, I'm perfect for sure!"

You never had gone through it, then why now sad face?
Why can't time be perfect always, as it was before?
Though you know, life is life, have to face the race,
For a short time forget everything, can't just assure.
All you do at last, is regret a lot, waiting for next chance,
A little chance you get, you'll next time WIN, feel in advance.
It is first step of Victory after all,
Moment to raise. That's what we call.
You work hard, with your heart, be capable to yourself first,
Then you can definitely climb slowly those steps of success.
But again if you don't work, waste time and leave all to fate,
You'll drown down, deep enough, don't even deserve to regret!

(This poem stood first in the Inter-college Poem Competition-2011
organised by Trinity College.)

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