A Girl Sacrifices her Study to Pay Her Father’s Loan: Gulmi

In the Nepalese society they say maternals should not use daughter's

earnings but a girl from Gulmi based Neta VDC went abroad to earn

money so that she could pay her maternal's loan.

22 years-old Kopila Bishwakarma from Neta VDC-07 had taken a loan for

her father Bhim Bahadur Bika & for parenting his 4 childrens and their

expenses. She said, "My father and mother were on great trouble for

not paying back the loan. So I left my country while I was studying at

Standard 9 to earn some money." Bhim Bahadur accepts that her daughter

payed loan of 50 Lakhs while she worked at Dubai. Now Kopila's two

brother are studying plus two (+2) and her sister in 9th Standard at

Neta Darling Higher Secondary School.

"I want my brothers to become job holders after the completation of

study", she said. She added, "I will help my sisters for their higher


She handed 2.5 lakhs rupees she had earned while staying two years at

Dubai and now plans to clear all the loans her father had taken. And

she'd shifted to Oman for earning more bucks.

Kopila shares her experience that working in village is painful and

less money but in abroad pain is less and more money. Now she earns

sixteen thousands per month in Oman.

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