Investment on Hotels, Near Cable Car in Parbat, City Corner Cottage, Being Opened From Wednesday Onwards

Today I’m talking about the Cable Car in Parbat, Hotels, Resturants &

Bar being operated nearby. Almost at the completion of Yantrik Pool

(Cable Car) joining headquarter of Parbat district with Balewa of

Baglung, various types of Hotels are being estabished nearby. Some

hotels are officially opened nearby and more hotels are planned to be

operated soon. City Corner Resturant & Bar, nearby Yantrik Pool based

hotel is officially serving it’s customers from Thursday onwards. The

opening ceromony was held cutting the ribbons by Ramkrishna

Karmacharya, precident of Parbat Banijya Sangh.

The Resturant & Bar with the investment of almost 7 lakhs serves the

breakfast, lunch and dinner of people’s choices. The resturant is

specially based on fast serving Newari Cusines & Takila (drinks).

Tourism importance has been increased for this area. It has been

expected for increasement of national and international tourists

visiting the Kushma-Gyandi, the highest bridge of Nepal as there is an

airport near by and using the Cable Car on can reach headquarter in

few minutes.

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