You are Beautiful

You are Beautiful: A Poem
To attend to your beauty
I consider is now my duty.

So, let me let you know
How many sentiments flow.

The cascade of your black hair
Resemble the current of water, crystal clear.

Even a strain may not fall down,
I wish, and may always remain sound.

The temple, beyond acclamation,
Looks like tranquil star in association.

And the exquisite eye-brows,
An artist’s accomplished brush-stroke.

Your ravishing eye-lids,
Laden me with strange fits.

The zeal of your deery pupil
Fades every enticing appeal.

This combination forming your eye
So enchanting, make everyone have a sigh.

Elegantly endowed the little nose
Flawlessly reserves the perfect pose.

The delicate red and rosy cheeks
Show down the worth of silk.

The set of luminous oval rosy lips
Perfect concord the snow-white harmony of teeth.

This is how forms your countenance
Awarding you with gorgeous appearance.

The flamboyant posture with unprecedented flesh
Bring out the fair complexion in sari or black dress.

I am honest, don’t take it as flattery,
You are as beautiful as nature’s greenery.

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