Teej Geet (Song)

Teej is a Nepalese festival for women. Mainly Brahman and Chhetry celebrate it. Married women are invited to their parent’s home. On the previous day of Teej festival they have a huge meal and then fast on the Teej day. They sing and dance throughout the day and perform Puja (worship) in the evening. Their songs contain the hardship they face in their laws’ house. Now-a-days, it has taken a different form. In public places, they gathered together in various groups and criticize the government through their songs.

Below is an example video of Teej Geet by Sunita Dulal
Album: Nachau Sarara (नाचौ सरर)
Song Title: Teej Ko Ayo Lahara (तीजको आयो लहर…)

And Happy Teej 

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