Nepal welcomes David Beckham With Latest Photos

I have already mentioned about when David Beckham will come in Nepal here “David Beckham in Nepal“. Now he is finally in Nepal playing football with childrens in Bhaktapur and also drove Safa Tempo in Kathmandu. For the die-hard fan of Beckham who follow each and every piece of News and such stuffs, I am here with some of the pictures of David Beckham when in Nepal. I hope you will enjoy viewing the Photos of David Beckham in Nepal. 

David Beckham Wearing Nepali National Topi Bhadgaule (not to be confused with Dhaka Topi)

Shall we begin the football match?

David Beckham playing with Nepalese childrens in Bhaktapur.

How it feels to play football in the courtyard of Bhaktapur Durbar Square?

Lets play Football in Ancient City of Nepal.

This is the very play ground

Can you hold the garlands? Yet more to come.


How it feels to play tennis with children’s own home made board?

Match Still is on.

It’s about to be 90 minutes.

And the Smile 🙂

Beckham Dai, Kata Makkha Pareko? Are there ladies?

With two very old women.  

21, nearly played like Beckham.

Let’s see who catches the ball, me or you.

Hajur Neta Ji

What Khushur Pushur you’re doing there?

Handshake after a match,.

Once more the bending Beckham.

Face painted in crimson, that tells that you have won the hearts of  Nepal and the garlands tells you have been admired. 

Tuck Tuck, Beckham Driving Safa Tempu in Kathmandu

Autograph Please!

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