Nepalese Women Fights with Leopard to Save Her Baby (Pictures) – Leopard Attack

Nepalese Women Who Fought with Leopard to Save Her Baby (In Pictures) – Leopard Attack

A mother from Palpa, Nepal fought with a Leopard to save her son. I have uploaded few photos just two hours after the Leopard attack. The Leopard died during the struggle. She says “It was like one gonna dies, either me or the leopard.” I also feeling very sad for the Leopard. Now her baby is safe but she has got serious injuries in her body and face took. You can see in the picture below.

The images have been resized to show it small. By clicking on the picture, you agree to see the picture. This is done so because some people might find the images disturbing. Click on the image thumbnails for larger image view.

The injured mother from Palpa with  Leopard’s scratches on her face.
Sadly, the Leopard died.

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