8 Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Mobile Phone (Smartphone)


Are you planning to buy a new mobile phone or replacing with a new one? If your answer is yes, then it’s a good idea to do some research about mobile devices before you buy. Nowadays, phones are getting smarter, Smartphone, right? 🙂  First thing is about knowing its features. Let’s see what we should consider before getting a new mobile phone.8 Things Before You Buy A New Smartphone

Know 8 Things Before You Buy A New Smartphone

#1. Voice quality: The main purpose of a phone is for making phone calls so we need to ensure its quality over the phone call.

#2. The design of Smartphone: Who doesn’t like to have a good phone? A design can make your phone ever smarter than it is. You can try many models before you buy a new one. It’s always a good idea.

#3. Operating System (OS):  Selection of OS has more impact on how you use your mobile than the rest of the features. The most popular operating systems are Android OS by Google (found almost of every mobile phone), iOS by Apple (on iPhone) and BlackBerry. Choosing an Android device is a great option if you like to play with some many apps or crazy on Games.

Two Girls testing the features of a mobile phone before buying.
Girls checking the features of a mobile phone before they buy.

#4. Screen Size and Touchscreen: It depends on you, your hand size or how comfortable you are viewing the text and graphics on your phone. If you are buying a completely new mobile phone, it may take some time for your fingers getting used to it.

#6. Camera/and it’s flash: Camera is being seen as the most important part of a cell phone after the rise of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. For a higher resolution picture, you need to have a good camera with higher megapixels and also a flash if you want to take a picture at night or shoot a video. And this is the era of YouTube too, your video can make your popular. So think about the video quality before posting/uploading to Facebook or YouTube.

#9. Games: Buy a mobile phone that supports at least most of the latest versions of Games. You may need to think of Memory (RAM), Processor and Storage too.

#8. 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/Hotspot: The Internet has become a way of life. If your phone doesn’t have at least any one of them, then it’s of no use. I mean everything we do now rely on the internet. Well, since mobile phones have become smartphones these things have become standards of almost every phone you see these days.

There are a lot of features to be seen before buying a new mobile phone. But it’s always a good choice to go by brand or selection by hardware specifications.

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