Bikalpa – Searching for an option [Mobile App]

Last night I created an android application named “Bikalpa” and even registered a domain name The Nepali world “Bikalpa” means “an alternate option”.  We, a group of tech guys were planning to expand Information and Technology in Nepal. So in between, we did some many discussions in our chat groups. We proposed so many ideas and how we could boost our innovations. How can we make a guy living in a countryside be able to programme or write a computer code? This will be a great achievement even if we start. Last time I started a Digital Nepal Campaign in which I want to revolutionise the Information and Technology of Nepal. And Bikalpa is a great option for me indeed.

Bikalpa for Android

Bikalpa – connecting Nepalese increasing the Internet of Things (IoT) and revolutionising the information and Technology in Nepal. Using this application we can help ourselves and learn from others. This app will be updating you with the latest innovations happening around the world. We have different sections you can use according to your need. The main aim of Bikalpa helping people around us who are searching for Bikalpa to do something in IT sector. We are planning to spread from IT to agriculture, industry, health & medical and real money making jobs too.

You can register using your Facebook. Set your own profile picture and background. You can search the entire Bikalpas available and also bookmark the favourite that will be available on your menu. You can comment or ask for help using the app too. You can also send/receive private messages and get notified of new things happening by push-up notification.

Download Bikalpa From Google Play Store

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