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In order to bolster its 4G coverage inside the country, Ncell has started operation on 900Hz. Earlier, Ncell had received tech-neutral bands of 900Hz and 2100MHz, which everyone expected to be used for 4G and 3G, respectively. Ncell has now started using the 900MHz for 4G LTE.

Ncell 4G LTE on 900MHz

According to the reports, Ncell 4G LTE is up and running in select regions. As 900MHz is a low frequency, it has better penetration power. Thus, it is suited for cities where there are infrastructures everywhere.

Better Coverage and Penetration

In addition, with all other variables being equal, the lower frequency can cover more distance than higher frequencies. When compared to 180MHz, 900MHz is known to have 30% to 40% better coverage. As a result, the latter needs fewer base stations than the former to cover the exact same region. It also has less chance of interfering with higher frequencies of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

On the other hand, the components used for 900Hz are expensive and thus are available mostly in higher-end devices.

900MHz is Tech Neutral

Tech Neutrality is the freedom given to organizations or individuals to choose the technology most appropriate for their needs. 900MHz is a tech-neutral band, which means Ncell can re-purpose it in the future. What it means is Ncell, which is currently operating 4G LTE on 900MHz, can later use it for 5G, too.

Ncell’s Plans for 900MHz

As of now, Ncell has used 900MHz for 30% of its site. It is looking to have a nationwide rollout within a year.


It is also preparing to launch VoLTE service at the same frequency. It facilitates clear HD voice calls over the LTE network. The service was recently started by Nepal Telecom on its 1800MHz and 800MHz bands.

Carrier Aggregation

Once 900MHz has nationwide coverage, Ncell can enable Carrier Aggregation between it and 1800MHz. Carrier Aggregation increases the data rate by combining multiple frequencies. Currently, Nepal Telecom is the only operator providing this service. It combines 800MHz and 1800MHz for better service.

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