Honor 8x Review

Huawei Honor 8x

The Honor 9N is among the best-looking budget phones in the industry today, and the Honor 8x is the same. If you’ve used a Huawei or Honor Phone in the last year or so you’ll have a reasonably good idea about what to anticipate.

Honor has found itself in a superior position. It seems to be on a mission to add a dual camera to all of its phones. In general, the Honor 8X display looks great in the correct conditions, but it’s drifted a very long way from the very best out there.

Moreover, it can consider implementing some form of fast charging on the device. It is going to be familiar to anybody who has had an Honor or Huawei phone before.


What to Expect From Honor 8x?

The Night shot mode and needs a tripod since the phone should be steady or utilize a tripod. It provides a good experience with day-to-day activities. It comes with face recognition feature which is quick enough to unlock the device. Even though it is huge, it is suitable for single-handed usage. In spite of the stuttering, few different phones within this price bracket could handle PUBG and Asphalt 9 generally. Honor smartphones generally tend to be flashy, and the Honor 8X isn’t an exception. If you prefer pure Android, Emotion UI will probably annoy you.

The Honor 8X appears incredible, has a beautiful screen and offers the sort of user experience that you’d normally expect from a telephone cost twice or perhaps even three times as much.

The Honor 8X is put in a segment where there are lots of choices for buyers to select from with prices starting from Rs. 24,108. The Honor 8X is among those phones that tend to at all times look a tiny grubby if you don’t wipe it down regularly.  Honor 8X provides a distinctive and premium design for its price. The Honor 8X appears similar to a number of the costliest phones on earth but is a quarter the cost.

The Honor 8X might also be a tempting option for a good deal of individuals. After the Honor 8X receives a photo right, it’s tough to trust the shot comes out of a phone that costs so little, don’t expect it to be consistent.

The Honor 8X is currently readily available to buy in Britain, following an early October launch. Honor 8X offers you the choice to optimize battery usage too. Honor 8X provides dedicated microSD slot that is located at the left side of the telephone. It’s one of the key reasons to have the Honor 8X.


The Honor 9N is among the best-looking budget phones in the industry today, and the Honor 8x is the same. If you’ve used a Huawei or Honor Phone in the last year or so you’ll have a reasonably good idea about what to anticipate.

After you take the image, you can return and adjust the aperture or focus point. Generally, photos are sharp, with tons of detail. Feed the Honor 8X right conditions, and you are going to get great photos. The camera isn’t the quickest you could ever use, but the AI works well. The front camera is great at capturing details. There’s a primary 20-megapixel camera with a 2nd 2-megapixel camera. There’s additionally a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Over time, the business has added plenty of new characteristics to the epidermis, and it has improved its general performance as well Honor claims it doesn’t slow down with time, and it indeed has become the case in the majority of its recent devices. In a short time, it has launched a bunch of devices in the affordable to mid-range segments. It has kept the top clean.

At max, you may add up to 4 contacts to whom it is possible to send the message during the time that you are following a ride. There’s also a significant number of bloatware apps, which I quite frankly was not expecting. The point is, if you’re trying to find a handset which is included with elegant design, sharp and vivid display, decent battery backup and decent audio quality, Honor 8X may be a perfect pick. The base of the gadget is broken up into three segments by two lines that seem to be antenna bands. Regardless of the metallic band, handling can be a little challenging on account of the device’s sleek glass profile. Shame, then, that you’ll most likely want to place it in a protective case to stop smashing both sides.

Final Words on Honor 8x Review

The tool developers the ability to check their apps and get suggestions on how they may be in a position to enhance the app from an accessibility standpoint. The capacity to use voice commands for general navigation is especially useful for users who might have difficulty employing a touch screen. Furthermore, Honor 8’s excellent performance and IR blaster are sometimes not common on a very affordable smartphone.

The pricier variants of the device, however, do not supply the very same amount of value-for-money. All models include a microSD card slot for as many as 400 GB more. Its design is surely unparalleled, but it doesn’t quite stand as alone in regards to performance.

In general, the design is quite easy and sophisticated. The plan of Honor 8x is made of the handset of the Huawei company. The glass is seductive, however, particularly in the blue edition.

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