1 million rupees transferred to someone else’s account after taking possession of bank account password and email

Recently, the use of digital payments is increasing. Transactions are done through digital systems such as mobile banking, online banking, digital wallet, etc.

It has made people’s daily lives easier. It has ended the compulsion to go to the bank for transactions. However, the trend of illegally transferring money by hacking the online system is also increasing.

One such incident happened in Sunsari. 1 million rupees have been illegally transferred to other bank accounts after taking possession of the password ID and email.

Ward No. of Inruwa Municipality 2 of Sunsari. The bank account of Shiv Nandan Mehta that of 2 and his mother Rusanidevi Mehta was hacked and 1 million rupees was transferred to another account.

9 lakh rupees from Shiv Nandan Mehta’s bank account at Sanima Bank Inruwa branch on Wednesday 10th of January at 10:30 am and 1 lakh 10 thousand rupees from Rusanidevi Mehta’s bank account at Lumbini Bikas Bank Inruwa branch at 1:15 pm on Tuesday 9th January. The money was transferred illegally to the bank.

The hacked amount of 9 lakh rupees has been transferred to the account of account holder Parashwar Thapa Chhetri at NIC Asia Bank Buddha Chowk branch, while 1 lakh rupees has been transferred to the account holder of Afsor Soft Tech Pvt Ltd at Siddharth Bank Kapan branch.

After receiving a message that 9 lakh rupees was deducted from Shiv Nandan Mehta’s account and 1 lakh 10 thousand from his mother’s account, when the bank informed the concerned bank that the amount was transferred after hacking the password ID and email system.

The victim complained that the amount was not held despite informing Sanima and NIC Bank.

The victim filed a complaint at the District Police Office Sunsari on January 11 regarding the hacking of the bank account and transfer of 1 million rupees to another bank. But even after 3 days of reporting, no process has been able to move forward. The victim has also informed the National Bank about this.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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