Rs 100 bonus when linking bank account in pocket digital wallet

Rs 100 bonus when linking bank account in pocket digital wallet

There is a bonus of Rs 100 when you link a bank account in your digital wallet pocket.

The offer has been launched with the objective of simplifying every payment from home in the midst of the epidemic through this service, which can be paid directly from the bank without loading once the bank is linked, said Khalti.

Users who link their bank account for the first time through Khalti Bank Direct service can immediately deposit Rs. 100 will be received. Bank link can be done at home.

In addition to this, any bill can be paid within a few seconds by loading money in the pocket from the linked bank account.

This service can be availed to pay for all the services available in your pocket like electricity, water, internet, revenue without any hassle.

Regarding the offer, Shirish Shrestha, Brand and Marketing Manager, Khalti Digital Wallet, said, “We have come up with a bonus offer to encourage the use of this convenient service in the face of the epidemic.”

He further said, “After linking the bank with the pocket, the customers will be relieved from the hassle of having to load from time to time and will be able to transfer money from their bank to another bank instantly in a few seconds.” This is one of the most popular payment services for our customers. ‘

Link your bank account pocket with 3 simple steps. For this you have to go to ‘Link Bank Now’ shown on the home screen of your pocket and select your bank.

After filling in all the required details and pressing the ‘Submit’ button, the OTP password comes to the registered mobile. After entering the password, the bank link can be successfully linked to your pocket account.


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