After the merger of Prabhu TV, Dishhome is aggressively planning to reach three major internet companies in two years

After the merger of Prabhu TV, Dishhome is aggressively planning to reach three major internet companies in two years

Intense competition is increasing in the expansion of internet in the country. New companies are being added while old ones are expanding capacity and increasing investment.

There have been two such incidents in the internet business recently. First, CG Internet is expanding by entering the Chaudhary Group Internet service.

He is trying to win the hearts of the customers by announcing to provide high quality internet by halving the running internet charges.

Another incident is that Dishome, which is known in the television business, has merged Prabhu TV with the goal of taking the internet business to a higher level. He plans to expand rapidly by increasing investment in internet expansion.

Dishome, which recently bought Prabhu TV, is completing the merger process in a few days. With the merger, Dis Media Network’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sudip Acharya said that it will rapidly expand its internet service and its expansion.

“Internet service expansion and there are many challenges in this business,” said Acharya. “Everything is not in our hands.” The external environment is also influencing. ‘

Dishome has moved ahead with a plan to expand Dishome’s fiber net to the top three companies operating in the country in the next two years.

His plan was supported by a merger with the Lord. He says that after taking Prabhu TV, it will cost more than Rs 30,000.

“When Prabhu’s customers are connected, our number of customers will increase to 30,000,” said Acharya.

Similarly, in the next one year, their plan is to reach the top 3 among the internet service providers. He knows this is not an easy task. Additional investments and plans have been made for that.

The first aspect of supporting their goal is to have fun with the Lord. Which will help to expand more customers. When I took the Lord, I also saw how many customers would ‘overlap’. As many customers will not ‘overlap’, it will help in expanding the internet outside Kathmandu as well.

They are now expanding the Internet. Acharya said that Dishome’s internet has reached most of the places except some places in Kathmandu.

Apart from Kathmandu, Dishome Fibernet has reached Hetauda, ​​Itahari, Inaruwa and Biratnagar. In some cities like Pokhara, Prabhu Internet customers are increasing.

“There is not much overlap in the number of our customers,” he said. He also said that they are planning to provide not only internet service but also additional services.

“It’s not just a matter of providing internet services, it’s a matter of satisfying customers by investing in technology,” he said.

“Our priorities are service and prominence,” he says. “We have moved forward in terms of customer satisfaction by investing in technology.”

Dishome plans to focus more on the Internet, backlinks, customer counseling, and better management of the customer’s device.

There are currently 40 internet service providers in the country, according to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority. Although there are a large number of internet service providers across the country, only a dozen companies are in the forefront.


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