All government websites down as power authority doesn’t provide lines

After the government website was down, all the essential online services have been affected.

Kathmandu | All the websites of Nepal government are down. Since the electricity authority did not provide the line on time, the government website in the domain ‘dotgov dot np’ has been down since Tuesday evening.

After the government website was down, all the essential online services have been affected. Apart from this, passenger check pass service ‘manual entry’ at Tribhuvan International Airport has been affected for about 2 hours.

Rambabu Sevedi, head of airport immigration, said that after service was interrupted for almost 2 hours at Tribhuvan International Airport, airport immigration has started checking pass service for passengers by ‘manual entry’.

According to him, the service has been started by entering passenger details online only on Wednesday. He said, ‘We didn’t sit around waiting for the server to come after the long queue and the departure of the passenger’s flight. We sent the passengers manually after entry.’

On the other hand, the reason why government websites are down is very disturbing. Pradeep Paudel, executive director of the National Information Technology Center, which is a government data center, says that since Monday afternoon, the Nepal Electricity Authority has not been supplying electricity to government servers.

He says, ‘The line did not come to the information technology center after a technical problem occurred at the substation at Singhdarbar. However, when the line did not come, the center arranged electricity by running a diesel-powered generator. By evening the generator started heating up and stopped working. Along with this, the power supply in the government’s data center was completely shut down and the server went down.

According to him, the electricity authority has not yet solved the problem and given the line. He admitted that the generator, which consumes about one megawatt of electricity, could not run for hours, and that the generator had a problem and was shut down after it was heated.

According to Paudel, there was a problem of electricity coming and going since morning. He explained that the power supply from the substation was stopped from 12-1 in the afternoon. Even the generator was turned off after running for a long time after heating up. He complains that the authority has taken time to resume power supply.

Similarly, Head of Distribution Department of Nepal Electricity Authority, Manoj Silwal, says that when there was a sudden ‘fault’ in feeder No. 2 of Sinhadarbar substation in the afternoon, the breaker tripped and the fire broke out in the substation. Due to this, the line supply in Singha Durbar was affected, although electricity was supplied to other offices through alternative means, but the information technology center could not be supplied, he said.

‘Since the center took a dedicated line from the substation panel, it was not possible to provide the line through an alternative method,’ he said. He said that the problem in the substation will be solved soon and the line will be started.

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