ChatGPT now has the ability to speak

Bringing a new update about OpenAI’s popular chatbot. ChatGPT can now see, hear and speak.


Regarding the popular chatbot, the company has given information that ChatGPT seems to be able to understand and respond to spoken words. Along with this, the bot will also work to respond through a synthetic voice and process images.
This is a major update that the company has brought to ChatGPT after the introduction of GPT Four. Users can opt for voice chat on ChatGPT’s mobile app.

In any conversation with the bot, the user will have a choice of five different synthetic voices to listen to. After selecting a voice, the bot will appear to speak in that voice. This will allow users to share images while interacting with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT will be available with new features in next 15 days. This new change has been introduced only for users using the premium service. Voice feature can be used in iOS and Android apps.

Images can be used on any platform during conversion. Along with this, the company has made it clear that no stranger’s voice has been used for the bot.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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