Crime is increasing through parcels and mobile phones

Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office has said that 12 types of crimes are increasing in Nepal due to misuse of technology.


According to Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Lilaraj Dangi, the head of the Online Fraud Monitoring Agency of the Crime Investigation Office, it has been found that most frauds are done by parceling goods in the three-year statistics from the financial year 2077/78 to the financial year 2079/80. DSP Dangi says that the number of frauds is increasing in these three financial years.

According to him, in the financial year 077/78, the number of people who were cheated through various crimes was 244, while in the financial year 078/79, the number of people who were cheated reached 671. Similarly, in the financial year 079/80, the number of frauds has doubled to 1249. He claims that these crimes are increasing not only due to the misuse of technology, but also because the people themselves and the relevant agencies (banks, mobile service providers and wallets) are not alerted.

He says, ‘The bank did not make the address, phone number, photograph and citizenship of the concerned person mandatory while opening the account. The wallet also fell into the misuse of crime by failing to complete this process. And the people themselves started posting all the information publicly on social networks.’ DSP Dagi claims that if you are aware of these three things, fraud and crime through technology will automatically decrease.

According to him, in this three-year statistics, the number of victims and frauds is 480 through goods parcels. Similarly, the number of frauds in the purchase and sale of mobile phones, laptops, cameras etc. is the second number. According to the three-year statistics, 392 people have been cheated.

According to the Crime Investigation Office, 235 people were cheated by saying that they had won the lottery, 205 people were cheated by Facebook ID hack, 139 people were cheated by using OTP, 120 people were cheated by investment scam, and 69 people were cheated by using online wallet.

DSP Dangi says that 54 victims were cheated through the use of eSeva ID, 53 victims were cheated through online job advertisements, 32 victims were cheated through foreign channels, 23 victims were cheated through third party control app and 15 victims were cheated through SIM card duplication.

Source: Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office

According to him, 345 people have been cheated in this three-year current financial year due to being cheated by others.

Similarly, cyber crimes are increasing through mobile, e-services, lottery, goods parcels, OTP, wallets, etc. and cyber crimes are increasing through social media, says Superintendent of Police Ravindra Regmi, spokesperson of Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office.

He says, ‘Nowadays, the number of fraudsters using mobile phones is increasing. They are mostly young people. They steal the bank by hacking it from their mobile phone. They trick people and withdraw money by taking OTP.’

According to him, there are many such cases every month. He says, ‘A lot of cases of sexual abuse come from social media and complaints are also received.’

He says that women and children are especially victims. There are many women and sisters who use Facebook and WhatsApp from their mobile phones. They trust the unknown person at once. They also give their mobile number and OTP. Fraudsters take advantage of this. Later they will come with a complaint.’

He says that it is important to be alert and aware of who people are and how they think about it. So far, 3/4 cases of online fraud and online abuse are received in the investigation office daily or weekly. It is important to be aware of this.’
Those arrested are mostly illegal mobile phones and parcel items. He says that when they cheat from the mobile phone, it also causes difficulties in the investigation.

Similarly, the head of District Police Complex Kathmandu, Dan Bahadur Karki, says that the use of mobile phones and social media is seriously analyzed in crime investigations, so it is necessary to implement this system effectively.

He said that it is also the police’s job to investigate the mobile phones brought illegally without paying tax. Bringing a mobile phone by evading tax without paying customs is a crime in itself. A person who wants to make profit from such actions cannot get immunity. They come under the law, says Karki, ‘Police also investigates crimes through illegal use of mobile phones, goods parcels, OTPs, e-services and lottery.’

He also said that consumers should not buy such goods as mobile phones without bill and packets are stolen. He says that there are 2 to 300 complaints of missing mobile phones every month and it is difficult to track mobile sets that are not registered in the MDMS system.

On the other hand, cyber security expert and CEO of Bhairav ​​Technologies Vijay Senihang Limbu says that it is time for banks, financial institutions, wallets and common citizens to be aware.

He says, ‘First, thieves used to steal by breaking the windows and doors of the house. But now times have changed. You may be withdrawing money from your bank without knowing it now. Facebook password can be hacked and money can be transferred through wallet. Therefore, it is very important to raise awareness.’

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