‘E-library server’ in public school of Panauti

A budget of Rs. 1.5 billion has been allocated for the upcoming fiscal year 2080-81 in Panauti Municipality of Kavrepalanchok. The city has passed the budget by completing the session of the thirteenth city council on Monday.


The policy and program presented by Mayor Ramsharan Bhandari and the budget presented by Deputy Chief Geeta Banjara for the coming year were unanimously passed in the assembly.

Out of the planned budget, the city’s internal income is Rs 407.1 million, Rs 200.9 million from revenue sharing, financial transfer from the Government of Nepal, financial transfer from the Bagmati Province Government and public participation, and a budget allocation of Rs 1.5 billion has been allocated.

The city’s policies and programs and the budget including the finance bill, the appropriation bill and the income and expenditure have been passed. Similarly, the assembly has approved the annual report of 2079-80 and the decisions made by the city.

The council meeting, which started on 10 June, was adjourned without being included in the agenda. Due to lack of agreement on the issue of ‘ONM survey’ related to employees, both the budget and policies and programs could not be presented on that day. In the meeting held on Monday, the proposal was not included in the agenda.

Bhandari, while presenting the policy and program, said that the city-level plan will be conducted through the contract process in the coming year. In the presented policy and program, it is mentioned that all city-level and ward-level plans above Rs 10 lakh will be implemented through the contract process. But it is projected that an amount of Rs 38 lakh will be generated through public participation in the budget.

In the same policy and program, to intensify the prosperous Panauti construction campaign to give meaning to the slogan ‘The basis of sustainable development of Panauti city: dynamic economy, technology and infrastructure’, ‘organizing the extraction, processing and transportation of river and mineral resources, demarcating the affected areas of Ward No. 2 and 12 and mining It is said that the area will be announced. It is mentioned that for the development of historical, archaeological, religious, cultural and picturesque tourist areas in the city area, conservation enhancement and promotion programs will be carried out, the roads up to the ward office will be paved, CC cameras will be installed, they will be encouraged to make soak pits in places where there is no access to sewers, and jetting machines will be arranged.

Similarly, good governance and institutional development, education, health, youth and sports, agriculture, women and children, child-friendly local governance, infrastructure development, heritage, forest and environment, tourism, cooperatives, registration and social security, disaster management, information and technology, natural Resource management, public property utilization and protection, various plans and programs in the city under the Prime Minister’s Employment Service Program have been included in policies and programs.

Perfecting the concept of Digital Panauti, preparing and distributing free local curriculum from classes 1 to 8, distributing rich evidence to the landless squatters of Panauti area, conducting various programs to control pollution, establishing industrial villages within the city, developing secondary schools as technical schools, According to the policy and program, Khopasi health post will be converted into a city hospital, access to online education will be expanded by arranging ‘e-library server’ in public schools, senior citizens who are over 80 years of age will be made pilgrimages from time to time in collaboration with the city.

On that occasion, Finance Bill, Appropriation Bill, Annual Progress Report of 2079-80, Audit Committee Formation Procedure-2080, Audit Committee Report, Judicial Committee Report were presented.

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