Getting out of the online betting business

Getting out of the online betting business

While the Euro Cup-20 and Copa America football competitions are going on in Europe-America, in the name of betting and online betting, fraudulent business has flourished in Nepal.

The prevailing law has made betting or cash betting a ‘gambling’ crime. Officials say large sums of money have been smuggled out of the country.

The crime of online fraud is on the rise due to those who make international sports competitions such as Euro Cup and Copa America football competitions as a source of illegal income rather than entertainment.

The crime branch of the metropolitan police arrested eight people on Sunday on charges of gambling and online gambling.

Most of those arrested are industrialists. Police claim that they are involved in such crime for illegal gain.

“Betting and betting is a festival for the citizens of developed countries,” said a police official, adding that such acts are illegal in Nepal. Online betting is not beneficial for underdeveloped countries like Nepal.

Why are Nepali youth falling into this deadly gamble, especially played through WhatsApp and Viber? Spokesperson of the Division, Superintendent of Police Krishna Prasad Koirala says, “Greed is like profit, profit is like mourning.”

“The players are all foreigners. They don’t come in direct contact with anyone who plays. They play from the app and take money from the electronic pay. Agents (brokers) are used between the players and the players on commission,” Koirala said.

Reddy Agrawal, an Indian national, is accused of betting on Euro Cup-20 and Copa America.

A police investigation has shown that Aditya, the manager of Hotel Radisson, used a young woman named Savita Basnet to play online betting.

According to the police officer involved in the investigation, most of the Nepali youths have participated in betting of more than one lakh rupees, traders and betting of 100 to 1000 rupees.

Among the arrested are Rajendra Shrestha, Jeevan Lama, Suraj Tiwdewal, Ashok Gupta of Bharat Vihar, Rajesh Kumar Agrawal of Haryana, Suchit Dalmiya Agrawal and Amarnath Gupta of Birgunj. According to the police, Rs. 34 lakh 65 thousand was recovered from them.

Money earned from betting is not legally valid. It has been found that transactions are done through hundi and IME even when e-service is not easy.

Online betting gambling has also boosted hundi business, according to spokesperson Koirala, as has online fraud.

In these four countries including China, India, Nepal, Dubai and Malaysia, it is found that more ‘online betting’ is being played from Sky app.

Police claim that more than Rs 200 million has been wagered in Nepal alone at this time. The amount lost is more likely to go out than to enter.

Narayan Prasad Pokhrel, co-spokesperson of Nepal Rastra Bank, says that the possibility of online betting is less likely to come out through other means than hundi.

Stating that the services including pocket and e-mail are only for the country, he clarified that online fraud is not allowed from such services but such services are found to be misused in cases of international fraud in the name of lottery and gifts.

Similarly, as per the offense under sub-section 4 of section 125 of the Criminal Code, 2074 BS, betting is a crime under gambling, so there is no alternative to legal treatment other than five days police custody.

There is an arrangement to hand over the money recovered from the incident to the government treasury and revenue and to take the players into police custody and take action against them. Police claim that the problem of betting has increased due to weak laws. GorkhapatraFrom


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