How to find your Windows PC IP address?

How to find your Windows PC IP address?

Devices connected to the Internet do not recognize their system by name and only by IP address. Each device connected to the Internet has a different IP address. It allows you to perform network related tasks. The following procedure can be used to find out your IP address.

When you go to Google and search for ‘What’s My IP’, the IP address comes up. Another way to find an IP address is to open a command prompt by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + PLUS + Enter and type IPConfig and press Enter. It provides information such as IP4 address, subnet mask and default gateway. It also has WiFi information of Ethernet adapter and wireless LAN adapter.

Another way is to go to the taskbar and select the WiFi network and right click on the WiFi network and click on Properties. Go to Properties and view IP address under IP Four Address.


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