Installation of embossed number plates slow: 50,000 installations in seven years

In the seven years since the government entered into an agreement for ’embossed number plates’, nearly 50,000 service users have installed number plates on their vehicles.


Since the government has not made it compulsory, only a small number of number plates have been installed so far. The Transport Management Department has said that nearly three lakh number plates have been produced so far.

Ishwaridatta Paneru, the spokesperson of the department, said that the delay in connection is not due to the supplier but because the department has not made it mandatory. He said, ‘The supplier has not yet been given the job.’

He said that the supplier is saying that they can produce as requested by the department. It is also said that its progress has been delayed due to the confusion over which language to make it in for a long time.

As the government has said that it will print ’embossed number plates’ in Nepali as well, now the department is making necessary preparations for this.

Spokesman Paneru said that what is important is the government’s own capacity to serve many customers at the same time. According to him, it is necessary to have physical infrastructure such as the ability to connect to the office, manpower, parking space.

He said that since the transport management offices are under the province, the department should not be the only one. He said that a plan will be made in coordination with these offices to determine the number of people.

He said, ‘We will do coordination work. Since transport offices have to do special work, their resources should also be provided.’

It is said that the installation of embossed number plates has been delayed sometimes due to court cases and sometimes due to language disputes. The department is extending the period because of the delay due to other reasons and not because of the supplier company.
According to the last extension, the period is till next December. He said that it can speed up when everyone works in coordination.

He said that there is a possibility that the supplier will print it in a hurry and the transport office will connect it accordingly and it will be completed soon. He said that even by that time some problems have arisen and if it is not solved, the government will solve it.

The department entered into an agreement with Tiger IT (The Corporation) on 17th June 2073 for the supply and installation of number plates. Rasas

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