Handing over house to Shrestha who sent money from UAE through Iseva Money Transfer

Isewa Money Transfer has handed over a house to the lucky winner Poonar Bahadur Shrestha under the Mero Digital Desh Abhiyan. During a special program, the company handed over the house.


The program was concluded in the presence of Iseva Money Transfer brand ambassadors and company management committee.

Iseva Money Transfer announced the winner of the ‘My Digital Country’ campaign through its official Facebook and Tiktok page on May 12 through a direct digital campaign, in which Poonar Bahadur Shrestha, who has been working as a driver in the UAE for 8 years, was the lucky winner of the bumper prize.

Daniel D. Shrestha, director of Iseva Money Transfer, congratulated and wished the winner Poonar Bahadur Shrestha in the transfer program. In the program, he said, ‘Isewa Money Transfer, a company under Efwan Soft Group, which is continuously working to create a cashless economy in Nepal, is conducting a campaign to digitize remittances as well.

I would like to thank all the Nepalis who have supported and encouraged this campaign. I want to give you confidence that the company will continue to make digital remittance effective in the future.

Iseva Money Transfer launched the campaign ‘Mero Digital Desh’ with the aim of encouraging legal remittances.

The company, which has been promoting digital remittances, had announced that under the ‘My Digital Country’ campaign, Nepalis in any country in the world would give a two-and-a-half-floor house in Kathmandu as a bumper gift to one person when they send money to the bank account or ISEWA wallet of the desired person in Nepal.

People who sent remittances from October 7 to June 6 participated in this campaign. As part of the ‘Mero Digital Desh’ campaign, attractive gifts were also delivered to the customers’ homes every month.

Speaking at the event, Ajesh Koirala, the Chief Executive Officer of Isewa Money Transfer, congratulated Poonar Bahadur Shrestha and his family for winning a dream house as a bumper prize and said, ‘We had conducted this campaign with the purpose of which Nepali brothers and sisters participated enthusiastically. We expect that you will continue the ‘My Digital Country’ campaign in the coming days and encourage statutory remittances.’

Speaking at the event, Biswas Dhakal, President of Fwansoft, expressed his commitment to address their pain by saying that it is of great importance to emotionally connect with the migrant Nepalis.

He also said that Fwansoft will always stick to the promise of the company’s support and being their voice for Nepali immigrants.

Considering the need to support migrant workers and their families as a matter of importance and giving priority to their needs, he emphasized that the government should focus on supporting them and also suggested to pay attention to skill development in order to increase the income possibilities of migrant workers and enable them to fulfill their dreams.

In addition, Dhakal said that the company is willing to cooperate with various organizations to support migrant families, highlighting its promise to bring change in this area, and saying that Iseva Money Transfer will continue its efforts under this campaign, and Efwan Soft announced that next year, the lucky winner will be gifted with a dream house.

Bumper award winner Poonar Bahadur Shrestha expressed his happiness and gratitude for being selected as the winner. Shrestha, who dedicated eight precious years of his life to provide a better life for his family in the UAE, said that he was completely surprised to win a new home and felt like a miracle.

He expressed his sincere thanks to Iseva Money Transfer for making his dream come true and thanked everyone involved in the scheme.

Iseva Money Transfer has been depositing remittances in the traditional style and digital means of more than 75 million users of Iseva Wallet and in the accounts of any bank and financial institution.

Iseva Money Transfer has been providing remittance payment services to its customers through its more than 13,800 payment centers and more than 100,000 cash points of Iseva.

Isewa Money Transfer, approved by Nepal Rastra Bank in 2019, is also a sister company of Efwan Soft Group, which has been empowering more than 16 million people and more than 100,000 organizations across the country through fintech-based payment services.

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