Instructions to the officers, teachers and staff of Trivikha to submit property details online

Tribhuvan University, Registrar’s office has instructed the officials, teachers and staff of the university to submit the property details online.


According to the rule that the asset statement must be filled within 60 days of the beginning of the financial year, the statement of FY 2080/81 has been instructed to submit the asset statement from the relevant office in the online software prepared by the National Vigilance Center like last year.

Also, officials, teachers and employees of the district office have been requested to submit the property details within 20th of August.

The office issued a notification and informed that the details of officials, teachers and employees who submit property details, late submissions and non-submissions must be filled in the online software.

Offices, campuses, departments other than the central office are requested to print the property details of officers, teachers, employees and fill in the property details of the year 2079/80 in the online software within 20 August 2080 and provide the information to the Personnel Administration Division. has done

The office has requested that if someone brings it to submit from 22nd to 28th of August 2080, it will be entered in the online software on the same day.

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