Isn’t the Internet slow due to placing the router in the wrong place? Find out this way

If you also have a broadband internet connection at home or office and it is not working well then you need to check the location of your router before complaining to the company.

There is also a problem with connectivity because the router is placed in the wrong place. If you have Wi-Fi internet at home but it is slow, the router may not be in the right place.

In that case, you can enjoy high-speed internet by changing the location of the router. Today we are giving you information about the best place to keep a WiFi router.

Do not place the WiFi router on the ground

Wi-Fi router speed is affected by obstacles such as metal or concrete walls. Therefore, we should make sure that there is no obstacle in the way of the Wi-Fi router. Also, avoid placing the router on the ground.

Keep in an unobstructed area

Do not place the router where there are already many objects. There should be no metal objects near the Wi-Fi router, as it will affect the signal.

Stay away from electronic gadgets

Do not place the Wi-Fi router near any electronic gadget. Keep the router away from electronic items like TVs, baby monitors, Bluetooth headsets, refrigerators etc. You will get a better signal than before.

Place the antenna directly on the WiFi router

Generally, all routers have external antennas, which can be adjusted to improve the signal. Many times these antennas are bent and when they are straightened, the signal comes through properly.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is senior ICT professional who talks about #it, #cloud, #servers, #software, and #innovation. Rabins is also the first initiator of Digital Nepal. Facebook: rabinsxp Instagram: rabinsxp

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