Ncell Enters 19th Year, Generates Over 2.083 Trillion Tax Revenue for Government

Ncell Ziata Limited celebrated the 18th anniversary of its service operation on Sunday. The company has been continuously providing the benefits of technology and connectivity to the general Nepali public for 18 years through world-class telecommunication services.


In 2005, on this day i.e. September 17, Ncell first started its journey by bringing its service into operation. Since then, the company has brought radical changes in Nepal’s telecommunication sector by providing its services and has made a great contribution in bringing about extensive changes in customer service by ensuring access to services.

Ncell has become the catalyst of change in Nepal by providing the latest services from reliable basic mobile services to the general public to Nepali businesses to meet their communication needs.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director of Ncell, Jabir Kayumov, expressed his happiness that more than 16 million Nepalis have become an integral part of Nepal’s economy.

‘Ncell has always been committed to connecting Nepal and Nepalis with quality services and now we have become more responsible for addressing the country’s telecommunication needs and technology development,’ he said. Ncell is ‘We are for you’ and we are committed to continuous journey for many more years.’

With the start of the new journey, Ncell has announced the theme of ‘We are for you’ under its bond promise ‘Aaj, Bori, Sera Sanga’. Under this theme, Ncell has announced a series of various activities, collaborations and programs to advance social work and make a meaningful impact at the community level in Nepal.

In the last 18 years, Ncell has invested Rs. It has contributed more than 1 billion 80 million rupees. As one of the largest taxpayers, Ncell has been contributing effectively to the economy and has paid more than Rs 2.83 trillion in taxes and duties since its inception in the financial year 2078-79.

Ncell services not only ensure access to telecommunication services, but also play an important role in the country’s socio-economic development by becoming an integral part of the country’s information and communication technology (ICT) ecosystem.

Ncell senior team visiting the Ncell Center and Sales of Points

Easy and accessible access to GSM mobile services, launch of 3G, Ncell Connect mobile broadband, pack-based voice and data services at Rs.199 at one call rate across the country, 4th generation 4G service, Ncell for Business (NfRB), local calls to India, US and Canada Rates, easy roaming, free access to Ncell Sapti, Twitter and Wiki are some of the major milestones of Ncell which have brought about massive changes in the telecommunication sector of Nepal.

Other programs will also be organized on the occasion of the 18th anniversary under the theme “We are for you”. In areas with low human development index, health camps, blood donation, tree plantation, friendly football match at Lanchaur ground, visits of celebrities to Ncell centers to interact with customers will be organized.

On Sunday (September 17), senior officials of Ncell management and other employees visited Ncell centers and points of sales in various parts of the country to interact with customers and personally thank them for their love and continued support.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is senior ICT professional who talks about #it, #cloud, #servers, #software, and #innovation. Rabins is also the first initiator of Digital Nepal. Facebook: rabinsxp Instagram: rabinsxp

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