Nepali and Chinese citizens arrested for online fraud


Nepali and Chinese citizens who cheated online have been arrested. Kathmandu Crime Investigation Office arrested 19 people including 9 Chinese nationals and 10 Nepali nationals involved in fraud from various places in Kathmandu.


The arrested Nepali citizens include Buddhiraj Shrestha, Indra Tamang, Rajkumar Lama, Prayas Bhandari, Arjun Shrestha, Anita Magar, Ravina Magar, Sunita Gurung, Jumna Gole and Anu Gurung.

Chinese nationals include Hung Huaerong, Chu Fizang, Lan Hengwei, Si Gue Yi, Si Suang Di, Gao Ming, Yu Ping Bing, Chen Dur Lin and Lin Jin Hong.

The police received information that the Chinese nationals were illegally operating offices by renting houses in various places in Kathmandu, communicating with various people on the social network WhatsApp, and conducting online classes through a channel called “Operation Teacher” on Telegram, saying that they would make a lot of money from business online.

While investigating on the basis of the said information, the following electronic devices used in fraud from various places in Kathmandu, including 9 Chinese nationals and 10 Nepali nationals involved in fraud, were found by the team assigned by the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office on 14th Chait at Budhanilkanth district of Kathmandu. .2 Mahadebkhola and Ka.G. K.M.N.PA said that he was arrested from Ward No.4 Chandol.

The police have informed that those arrested have been sent to District Police Complex Teku, Kathmandu for further investigation and action under related offences.


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