Nepal’s Routine Returns in 2 Weeks: Priority Shifts to Aid Posts

Nepal’s popular Facebook page Routine of Nepal is back in operation. Within 2 weeks of the shutdown, the routine of Nepal has resumed operation.


In a post on Facebook, Routine of Nepal Band said that their intention is not to mislead anyone and they will be more aware from now on.

The Routine of Nepal Band said that they will search for the possibility of going to non-profit or public companies, post true and authentic content rather than breaking, give first priority to help posts and create a feedback forum by addressing the interests of the common people.

In addition to this, at least one made in Nepal or a special start-up per week for free promotion or if charged, will use it for social work and has also committed to post one social awareness topic per day.

Victor Paudel, the founder of Routine Half Nepal Band, unpublished the page on August 18th. Unpublishing the page does not mean closing it forever. Unpublish means hide from public, likes and followers.

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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is senior ICT professional who talks about #it, #cloud, #servers, #software, and #innovation. Rabins is also the first initiator of Digital Nepal. Facebook: rabinsxp Instagram: rabinsxp

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