New feature on NIC Asia Bank website, now service information can be obtained by speaking

NIC Asia Bank has upgraded its website with a new design with attractive features with the determination to make digital banking more convenient, simple and secure.


With the aim of making its services and facilities more customer-friendly, the bank has refined and modified the currently operating website and released a new design.

The main feature of this website is that the product, description or information that customers are looking for can be easily searched by voice command.

In addition, customers can easily know their search history through the ‘Customer Journey Mapping’ system placed on the website to provide the products and details they are looking for.

Designed to fit devices such as mobiles, computers, laptops, tabs, this new website has adopted a special security system keeping in mind the data security of users.

Online account, video KYC update, account PAN update, online demat, share application, merchant application, various payments can be made through e-service along with location of bank branches, extension counters, ATMs can be found around the clock for various bank related information and assistance. Hourly chatbot service is also available.

Services available in this bank’s mobile banking (NIC ASIA MoBank) Omnichannel system such as cash deposit and check deposit application, new debit and prepaid dollar card request, term account opening, check request, e-commerce resumption, scheme transfer, locker facility application, etc. Dozens of services can be consumed through the website.

With the launch of the bank’s new website, the bank believes that it will be very easy and simple for the customers to get all the information about the bank and enjoy the services by using the digital technology to the maximum.

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