Worldlink, assuring customers: If internet speed is slow, money will be refunded

Worldlink has introduced the facility of ‘Service Guarantee’ to reassure customers. Worldlink Communications, the largest internet service provider in the private sector, has introduced an attractive feature of refunding money if the internet speed is slow.


For the first time among Nepali internet service providers, Worldlink has introduced a plan to refund money if the customer does not receive the service as per the conditions.

It has come up with a plan to give money back to its customers to make them believe that Worldlink’s internet speed will no longer be slow.

At this time, when all other companies are in price competition, Worldlink has given priority to quality service, according to the company.

Standard package users get money back guarantee

There are 780,000 customers of Worldlink, under which ‘Standard Offer Package’ 200 Mbps, 250 Mbps and 300 Mbps internet users will get this service without any additional charges.

Currently, the money back guarantee facility will not be available to the customers who are in any package other than these, if they upgrade their package, they will be able to use the money back guarantee facility only. To provide this facility, the company will deploy more necessary technical staff.

How to claim? How much will be refunded?

No refund will be given if the internet speed of the customer is slow. Standard package users have to inform about their slow speed through phone, branch office, or online service.

Worldlink will send its technical staff to the customer’s address to check the Internet speed, find out the reason for the slow Internet and solve the problem. However, if the speed problem persists, the customer can claim money back under the money back guarantee facility.

When requesting a refund, it has been arranged that the customer will only get back the amount equal to the days remaining after taking the package. For example, if a customer who has taken a 90-day package has consumed 25 days, he will get a refund of only 65 days.

Who will claim?

Customers with slow internet speed (200 Mbps, 250 Mbps and 300 Mbps) can claim their complaints under this facility.

The money back guarantee offer will only apply if Worldlink is unable to resolve the problem due to slow internet speed.

Service Guarantee offered at 51 branches

Worldlink has said that the facility of money back guarantee will be implemented in the main cities of the country. Out of which customers of 51 branches can avail the facility.

It includes all major cities across the country. Worldlink will provide this facility in other branches in the coming days.

Worldlink’s service has reached even remote areas and Worldlink, which has been present for 27 years, has reached 74 districts of Nepal.

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