Now YouTube channel can be monetized after reaching 500 subscribers

Nowadays, many users want to earn money by creating a channel on YouTube, the popular video platform of Google. There are many such content creators around us, who are earning millions by showing their daily life on camera through video.


However, it is not that difficult to earn money by making videos on YouTube. For this, it is necessary to monetize after establishing the channel. If you also want to earn money by creating a YouTube channel, then this article can be useful for you.

How can users with low subscribers earn money?

In fact, making money on YouTube has become very easy now. YouTube is making the monetization process easy. It is not necessary to have millions of subscribers in the channel to earn money through YouTube channel. According to media reports, even if a user has 500 subscribers on a YouTube channel, the channel can be monetized.

Also, you don’t need to upload many videos every month. According to YouTube’s new policy, you can earn money by uploading only 3 videos in the last 90 days. Even if you have 3000 watch hours in a year or 3 million short views in 90 days, you can earn money. Earlier these rules were very strict. First, the channel should be monetized by reaching 1000 subscribers and 4 hours of watch hours.

What is the process of earning on YouTube?

In fact, YouTube has also released these new policies to encourage content creators to make videos. If videos are made that are liked by users, the number of subscribers in the channel will increase. With this, the channel starts to grow. As the number of viewers on the channel increases, the creators have the opportunity to earn money through advertising and premium subscriptions.

By following YouTube’s monetization policy, the account receives money from YouTube on a certain date every month. With the help of advertisements appearing on videos, revenue is generated on the platform. A part of this income is kept by YouTube and the rest goes to the channel producer.

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