Online registration at state level in Madhesh

Even after the implementation of federalism, there is an obligation to go to the federal capital Kathmandu for online media registration and renewal, but in Madhesh province, all related work is being done at the provincial level.


Shyam Sundar Yadav, chairman of the Mass Communication Authority, informed that online media registration has been started at the state level, ending the need to go to Kathmandu to register with the Information and Broadcasting Department under the federal government and to list the Press Council in Nepal for online media registration and renewal.

According to the provisions of the Act, 2077, which has been made to make arrangements regarding state communication, registration has been started for the past 11 months, so far 22 online media have been registered with the Authority. “Section 20 of the Provincial Communications Act, 2077, provides that those who wish to operate online media in the province must register and file with the authority with specified details,” said President Yadav.

He said that if the federal law is amended, the process of transferring online files previously registered at the center to Madhesh province will be started in the province. According to the data of the authority, the number of online companies registered in the center is more than 164.

In the Madhesh province, like registration in the department under the federal government and listing in the council, online registration in the authority and listing in the Madhesh province media council is going on.

Kailas Das, executive chairman of the council, said that monitoring, regulation and other tasks are easier to do after online registration at the state level. ‘While working for the development of clean, independent and responsible journalism, the council should also monitor whether the media is following the code of conduct’, he said, ‘It is easier for us to do the necessary work after the record and list at the provincial level.’

He said that it was learned from the by-election of the recently concluded Bara election phase no.

According to Das, there is a need to amend the federal law so that other media are also connected with the state government and state government agencies in one way or another.

Administrative head of the authority, Upendra Kumar Singh, says that not only to create accountability towards each other at the provincial level, but also to plan for the sustainable management of the media operating in the province, there should be a legal arrangement to somehow coordinate the media operating in the subordinate districts with the province.

Singh said that in the coming financial year, the online companies registered here will also be helped to do the necessary work by making laws and amending the existing laws and regulations, including public welfare advertisements and other managerial reforms and efficiency enhancement work.

Apart from Madhesh Province, the Office of the Communications Registrar under Bagmati Province has started online registration, but for the registration, the Press Council Nepal has to go to Kathmandu.

According to the authority, 12 television stations, 170 FM radios and more than 800 newspapers are currently registered in Madhesh province, while 172 newspapers are included in the classification process of the Press Council of Nepal.

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