Oppo A78 launched in Nepali market

Oppo launched the new Oppo A78 in Nepal on Thursday. It offers significant upgrades with features like FHD Plus AMOLED display, dual stereo speakers, lightning-fast 67W SuperVOOCTM flash charge and long-lasting 5000mAh large battery, intelligent and secure ColorOS 13.1 and more, while the A78 is backed by four years of warranty. Built to deliver seamless performance.


With super-fast 7W SuperVOOCTM Flash Charge and a large 5000mAh battery, the company claims that the Oppo A78 offers the fastest flash charging speed of any smartphone in its price range. With a 7W SuperVOOCTM, the A78 can be charged to 100 percent in about 44 minutes.

Based on tests conducted at Oppo Labs, Sat Percent is defined when the battery level displayed on the screen reaches Sat Percent. When fully charged, the long-lasting mAh battery can provide 27.4 days of standby (flight mode) or 16.37 hours of YouTube videos, so it can easily last a full day of average use.

Based on tests conducted at Oppo Labs, actual usage times may vary depending on the environment or individual devices – such as temperature variations and differences in battery age.

Oppo has also introduced a series of special technologies to the A78 designed to increase charging safety and reliability. Oppo’s Battery Health Engine helps extend the A78’s battery life by up to 1,600 charge and discharge cycles, which is enough to keep the battery in good condition for four years.

Optimized Full Charging learns users’ daily charging habits and adjusts charging speed accordingly. This reduces the constant charging of the battery to improve safety and overall battery longevity.

The Oppo A78 is the first Oppo ‘A Series’ phone to feature an FHD Plus AMOLED screen, which is rarely seen in its price range. The 6.4” screen has a 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz touch sampling rate to provide enhanced ease of use and responsiveness.

With an overall brightness of up to 600 nits, the screen delivers incredible detail even in direct sunlight. It also includes the first in-display fingerprint unlock in a smartphone in this price range, which offers a good balance between aesthetic design and efficiency.

Along with a superior visual experience, the A78 provides more immersive and crystal-clear surround sound through its dual stereo speakers and Real HD Sound 3.0, providing optimal sound for various scenarios such as music, video and gaming.

Ultra volume mode can increase the sound volume up to 200 percent, making it easier to hear music or phone ringing. During voice calls, the earpiece volume can be increased by an additional three decibels without affecting audio quality, so users can always hear their conversations clearly.

In terms of camera, the A78 features a 50-megapixel main camera that makes capturing stunning photos and videos easier than ever. For example, dual-view video can be used to shoot from both the front and rear cameras simultaneously and combine the footage into a single frame.

The A78 is powered by the Snapdragon 680 mobile platform, which delivers powerful performance with optimized power consumption built for everyday tasks. The phone has 8 GB RAM plus 256 GB ROM configuration with up to one terabyte of external storage via SD card slot.

It also includes Oppo’s RAM expansion technology, which can be used to temporarily convert the free ROM space to a maximum of 8 GB of RAM to run the phone smoothly under heavy loads. On the A78, the Dynamic Computing Engine can increase app opening speed by up to 1.42 percent. It also helps keep up to 19 apps running in the background at the same time without any noticeable lag.

The A78 incorporates the same iconic ultra-slim retro design as the previous models of the Oppo A series with several new upgrades. The 2.5D right-angled central frame and smooth edges give the phone an integrated sleek and lightweight design that makes it more comfortable to hold.

Even with its large 5000mAh battery, the A78 continues the same slim and light design as the Renault series, measuring as little as 7.93mm. The Aqua Green A78 measures 7.99 millimeters.

Thickness and Weight Only 180g Due to slight differences in device components and measurement methods, device thickness may vary by 0.2mm and device weight may vary by 3g compared to specifications. It can be considered the slimmest phone in its price range with a 5000 mAh battery.

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