Rashtra Bank is discriminating against IT students against the law

Kathmandu. It has been found that the regulator Nepal Rastra Bank itself has taken a decision in violation of the law regarding the filling of vacant positions through open competition. It has been found that illegal decision has been made contrary to Schedule 6 of 2 (a) of Nepal Rastra Bank Staff Service Regulations 2076 (Third Amendment, 2074).

In that point, the minimum educational qualification required for entry into the technical service posts has been disclosed. According to which, it is mentioned that for the authorized tertiary (Information Technology) under the Information Technology group, one should have passed graduation level or equivalent in computer, information technology or electronics and communication from a recognized educational institution.

According to the decision of 28 October 2078, the National Bank amended the said point and kept this arrangement.

It was found that the National Bank made such a decision only for the technical advertisement opened in 2078. At that time, the bank's recruitment committee hired the then head of the IOE, Electronics and Computer Department of the University as a subject expert.

The meeting number 66/2078/79 of the said committee on 9 Chait 2078, Bachelor of Computer Information System (BCIS), Master of Computer Information System (MCIS) of Management Faculty of Pokhara University, Bachelor Degree and Masters Degree of Faculty of Education of Tribhuvan University Specialization: Information, Bachelor Degree in Communication and Technology, Faculty of Science Major: Computer Science, Bachelor Degree in Business Information System (BIM) in Faculty of Management, Bachelor in Information System in Faculty of Management, Kathmandu University, B.Ed Computer Science and Information Technology in Sudurpaschim University, Authorized Tertiary (Information Technology) (Advertisement No. 16/2078) decided not to apply.

These educational programs that the National Bank has decided to disapprove are related to information technology. A source close to the Rashtra Bank told Tekpana about this, “The regulations clearly state that those who have passed the bachelor's level or equivalent in information technology are eligible. The bank has made a distinction between information technology subjects in an illegal manner. Thousands of students have been affected by it.

Virendra Dutt, director of the bank's human resource management department, says that they are not concerned about the subject taught by the university.

“We were not interested in what subjects the university taught. We need skilled people working in the field of information technology. For that, only students of science and technology faculty or engineering are eligible, according to the conclusion of the recruitment committee. That is what we have taken as the base,” he says. “Even if we look at the syllabus of the subjects that the Ukti Committee has decided to reject, there are only a few related to computers. Some are English, some are Nepali. Therefore, the committee may have concluded that the students of those subjects are not eligible.”

Similarly, the executive director of the same department, Mukund Kumar Chhetri, said that after the issue came to the surface, Tribhuvan University had written a letter requesting to cover the subject as well. He said that the recruitment committee is discussing about it.

“We have received a letter from the University requesting to mention B.Ed ICT, BIM, BCA and other subjects in the advertisement. We don't know what kind of teaching is done on those subjects. Now a committee with a team of experts is studying what to do,” said Chhetri.

He further said, “We are not trying to deprive the students who study those subjects (subjects decided to be rejected) from jobs. When we give jobs to students who have studied those subjects, we do not pick them up. They must also pass the exam. But that position is such that it requires qualified manpower. Let's say it is in 'yellow light' condition now when talking about the decision.

Sources within the Rashtra Bank argue that such a move by the Rashtra Bank is discouraging to the students.

BCA students of Pokhara and Purvanchal University were able to apply for the recently published Bank Assistant Director (Information Technology) (Advertisement No. 16/2080) and Assistant (Information Technology) (Advertisement No. 19/2080). Tribhuvan University students of the same subject did not get the day. Again, it is said that the students of Electronics and Communication will be eligible. So there is not much fundamental difference between that subject and BCA/BIM/BICTE. Isn't this a deliberate discrimination!”

Following the decision of 9th Chait 2078, instructions have been given to approve the application for the post of Assistant Director (Information Technology).

Based on its decision dated 9th Chait 2078, Rasht Bank has not accepted the application of BCA students who have passed from Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty of the University. Due to this, even if Tribhuvan University has written correspondence to include BCA/BIM/BEd ICT/BICTE in the advertisement, it has not been confirmed.

On the other hand, Tribhuvan University seems to be trying to avoid it by saying that they have corresponded. “We have already written to the National Bank and the Public Service Commission. There is not much difference in these subjects. It's just a matter of faculty,” says Professor Bhargava Dhital, Acting Head of TriVika, “If they are still unclear about the syllabus, they can contact the university. Currently, the university has not had a double talk on this matter.”

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