Robot competition 'Yantra' is being organized after four years, the prize money is 10 lakh rupees

Kathmandu. Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) is going to organize the ninth edition of 'Yantra' program. The 'Yantra', which has been stalled for four years since the corona epidemic, is about to start from this 28th of January.

According to the organizers, this program will be conducted until February 20. RAN president Vikash Gurung said that most of the 'Yantra' competitions will be related to robots.

“Its main attraction is the international robotics competition,” Gurung said while talking to Tekpana, “It will also have robot football, robot battle, AI-based task completion competition, device teams and other competitions.”

Under this, there are 'President Cup Yantra Tins', Yantra Kids, Yantra Swarmanoid, Yantra International League, Yantra Autonomous Industries and Yantra Business Cup Softbots competition. Similarly, Yantra Business Cup Expo and Yantra Warz competition will also be held in the program.

According to Ryan, these programs will usually include robot judhai, business done with the help of robots, automatic technology introduced in the field of robotics, etc.

Similarly, according to the organizer, the competition will be based on how the robot can work for waste management, and how children and teenagers are using the robot. The total prize money of all these competitions is 10 lakh rupees.

Various offers have also been brought for students, stakeholders and general public who will participate in the competition. “There will be a ticket fee of 100 rupees per person to participate,” said Gurung, “However, we will provide that amount as cash back to the students, while we will provide various accessories to other people. We are currently talking to various brands about this.”

There is only one day left to participate in the competition. Students willing to participate click here They can register.

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