The love of the audience will revive ‘June’ once again at Mandala Theater

The Giti drama ‘June’ was staged on Friday 10th Chait at the Nachghar auditorium in Jamal, Kathmandu. Directed by Namrata KC, the play ‘June’ presented the story of a father and daughter’s struggle and love through dance, which was loved by the audience.


The audience’s love is going to wake up Ujunu once again. Aesthetic Dance Studio and Sequel Foundation at Mandala Theater have decided to continue it again from May 15 to May 24.

The play written by Sanyog Guragai presented the argument that any problem can be solved if you deal with it honestly. The play had music by Salin Magar and Saraswati Shrestha, while there was a collective performance by artists from Aesthetic Dance Studio. The Sequel Foundation managed to show the play in the dance hall.

A total of 17 people including 13 women and 4 men participated in the song ‘June’. This time, the ticket price has been set at Rs 500 on weekends and Rs 300 on normal days. Spectators will also be able to buy tickets worth Rs 1,000.

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