The traveler said, ‘We are not abroad, we are committed to the vision of making world-class products in Nepal’.

Yatri Motorcycle, which manufactures electric motorcycles in Nepal, has said that the news that the founder has fled is false. Writing a post on Facebook, the company said that the founder of Yatri Motorcycle did not flee.


“We have seen the misleading news that the founder of Yatri Motorcycle went abroad and abandoned the vision of developing a world-class product in Nepal,” the notice said, “this is not true. Yatri Motorcycle is committed to its vision.

The company says that even though they have faced challenges since the beginning, they are moving forward and growing. In the Transport Management Procedures Guide 2060 (Amendment 2074), the customs notification of vehicle registration and customs realization are mandatory. Due to this mandatory arrangement, domestically produced vehicles have not been able to get number plates.

That’s why there is a problem when the motorcycles produced by passengers do not get number plates.

The laws of Nepal do not envisage giving number plates to vehicles made in the country. But recently, vehicles have started to be produced in Nepal.

In such a situation, the traffic police has been taking control of the domestic vehicles on the basis that they do not have number plates.

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