Top 12 Startups, 13 Emerging Innovations, and 14 Product Public Winners of iCity Award 2023

Under the selection process of Icity Award 2023, the best 12 have been announced in the second phase. The best 12 startups, the best 13 rising star innovations and the best 14 products have been announced in the award selection. Under Category A, the selection process for Startup, Product and Rising Star Innovation ICT Award 2023 is ongoing.


Among the top 12 startups are Aria Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bhojmandu Food Pvt Ltd, Dio AI Technology Pvt Ltd, GG Corporation Pvt Ltd, Lensmi Up Pvt Ltd, Nepatronics Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd, Quickfox Consulting Pvt Ltd, Rasan Technologies Pvt Ltd, Stellar Computer Systems Pvt Ltd, Task Seva Pvt Ltd, Uptown Pvt Ltd and Yarsa Tech Pvt Ltd.

Among the top 13 Rising Star Innovations are Blankser, Blockchain Network for e-Governance, Cattle Monitoring System, Design and Fabrication of Electric Three-Wheeler, Dreson, Vishwa Epicenter Hosting, Internasathi, Lochan, Omnical, Prastha Nepali, Speed ​​Detection and Number Plate Recognition and Wearplan Mirror. There are

Similarly, the best 14 products are Vidhi HRMS and Payroll Software,, Digibuzz, eMediware, Fast Banking, JustCheck, Khatapana, Manimitra, Niji Power, QuickRPA, Safa Nepal, Singage Plus and Yatri P-One.

Utkrest 12 will now participate in startup and idea fest, presentation and speed dating session as part of the selection process. Public voting will be conducted by choosing the best 5 from those sessions. There will also be a field visit for selection of Serbotchrist.

Similarly, in the various award categories (B), there are Younger ICT Award, Entrepreneur ICT Award, Nepali Diaspora ICT Award and Woman Icon ICT Award. Under Category C, there are Digital Education ICT Awards (Public Sector), Digital Education ICT Awards (Private Sector), Digital Governance ICT Awards and Digital Services ICT Awards.

South Asia Startup Award 2023 is also in operation targeting South Asian countries. The selection process is in operation in all these categories. For the selection process, there are 14 jury members from Nepal and 4 from other countries, and a special advisory committee of 15 members has been formed.

There will be cooperation of various organizations in the ICITY Awards which will be held as the main project of Living with ICITY. The ICITY Award, which started in 2016, is being organized every year in a refined and expanded manner. As a pre-event of the ICITY Award, the Startup and Idea Fest program is also being conducted on October 19 and 20 at Baneshwar Banquet in Kathmandu.

Likewise, the organizer has said that the selection process including the pitching of startups, ideas and innovations will be broadcasted in a special episode through Kantipur Television. The organizers claim that the selection process of the ICT Award will be the largest, fairest and most transparent among the awards in Nepal.

Jury committee meetings and presentation sessions will be conducted at different 25 stages for the award selection process. For more information, visit the website

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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