What are the songs that AI can write now?

What are the songs that AI can write now?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots can act like humans. The use of such robots is increasing rapidly in the world.

AI is being used for everything from smart mobiles to industrial development that we use on a daily basis.

Recently, scientists have conducted an experiment in this regard. That means AI can not only use technology but also work with some artistic rhythm.

They have hired AI to write the song. AI scientists recently organized a ‘Contest with AI’. There, AI was asked to write a song.

The song was inspired by Computer’s first song, Daisy Bell, in 1961, and was co-written by Listen to Your More Choir.

AI wrote the songs but there was no artistic composition in them. Chirag Shah, a professor at the University of Washington, says that even though deep learning has brought people closer to human intelligence, they still do not have the ability to create.

Songwriters, researchers and data scientists came up with a four-minute long song for the AISG contest. The songwriting aspect was handled by AI.

The song written by AI was not as sweet as man-made. Experts say that AI cannot create original content. Data scientist Teresa Curoga told LifeWire that AI can definitely help songwriters.

She said that in the first few steps, she can take the help of AI and later she can make good songs by herself. AI adds a lot of information to make a good product.

He says that AI can do smart work but it cannot reflect art in songs. Experts say that even now, machines have not been able to transcend human art.

Some time ago, an MIT program called Timecraft was asked to create a similar artwork by showing a timelasp of 200 different fine arts. Most of the time, people could not tell if the artwork was made by technology or by humans.

Machines have learned to look and move, but scientists say they still need to be developed to create something on their own.
What are the songs that AI can write now?


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