FiveG development requires innovation: Ryan Ding

FiveG development requires innovation: Ryan Ding

During the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2021, Ryan Ding, Executive Director of Huawei and Chairman of Career BG, delivered a keynote speech at Innovation: Lighting Up the Future.

In his presentation, Ding said that innovation in ICT has become a major driver of the global economy and its value is far greater than that of the telecom industry.

“The ongoing innovation in FiveG will give more value, especially to operators, the ICT industry and the global economy, and will brighten the future of every industry,” he said.

At the event, Ding said, ‘The epidemic has created a new norm where the digital economy is the inspiration for the global economy. ICT infrastructure is playing an important role as the cornerstone of the digital economy.

Ding noted that the value of ICT is now higher than that of the telecom industry and has had a transformative impact on the global economy.

More than 820,000 FiveG base stations have been operational in China in less than 18 months. Chinese operators grew revenue by 6.5 percent and net profit by 5.6 percent in the first quarter of this year.

“Currently, the main goal of operators at FiveG is to achieve business success in three major markets – consumer, home and industry, through network deployment, market development and operations optimization,” Ding said.

‘In the consumer market, FiveG means more than just speed; It also brings new experience and new value, ‘he says.’ Some operators have already achieved early business success. ‘

According to Ding, there are three steps an operator can take to succeed in the FiveG to Sea market. The first is to accelerate FiveG deployment with targeted network planning and investment in high-value areas, key scenarios and potential users.

The second is to accelerate user migration and the third is to create value-driven broad-based pricing models.

‘FiveG success first needs a FiveG network that provides the best user experience and guides us on how to innovate at Huawei,’ Ding said.

In his remarks, Ding stressed the need for innovation for the development of FiveG.


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