What is web hosting? How does it work?

Having your own website has become common these days. But keeping a website active requires a lot of things.


Domain name and hosting are very important for a website. Only through this the website can get recognition. But those who are new in the world of blogging do not know much about hosting. So they choose the wrong hosting without knowing their needs, due to which they have to face many problems later.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting provides the service of giving space to all websites on the Internet, due to which the website of any person or organization can be accessed through the Internet worldwide.

It stores your website files, images, videos, etc. in a dedicated storage. We call this storage web server. This web server is always connected to the internet.

Many companies have been providing web hosting services. Just like paying rent to stay at a stranger’s house, web hosting is like paying rent to store our website on other high-powered computers (web servers).

How does web hosting work?

When we make a website, then we want to share our knowledge and information with people, that time we have to upload our files on web hosting first.

After doing this, when an internet user goes to his web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera) and types for example www..com or your domain name.

Then the Internet connects your domain name to the web, through which all the information of the website reaches the user’s computer, then from there the user can view the webpage according to his needs and gain knowledge.

Domain Name System is used to add domain name to hosting. This tells the domain on which web server your website is hosted. This is done because the domain name system of each server is different.

Which company to buy hosting from?

You will have many options for buying web hosting. But you have to decide which company will be right for your needs. It is very important to have some information before purchasing hosting.

disk space

Disk space is the storage capacity of your hosting. Just like your computer has 500 GB and 1 terabyte of space, hosting also has storage capacity.

Whenever possible, purchase hosting with unlimited disk space. By purchasing hosting with unlimited disk space, you will never be in danger of running out of disk space.


How much data can be accessed by your website in one second, we call it bandwidth. When someone visits your website, your server uses some data to share information.

If your bandwidth is low and more visitors are accessing your website then there is a risk of your website going down. For this reason, it is suitable if there is a lot of bandwidth data for hosting.

up time

The time your website stays online or active is called uptime. Sometimes due to some problems your website may be down or not open.

We call it downtime. Nowadays, every hosting company guarantees 99.99 percent uptime.

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