Importance of Eduaction in Nepal

Education is the backbone of a nation. Nepal is an underdeveloped country. So it is necessary that we should educate Nepalis if we want to develop our country.
Development is not only purpose of education. It makes the people civilized and cultured. Nepali people are backward in culture and civilization. So we should spend much time, money and energy for the educational development.

Nepalese government has spent quite a lot of more money on education but there are no expected results. What can be the reasons behind it? Is the curriculum not standard? Are the teachers not qualified? Are they dishonest? Are they not trained? Is there not enough physical environment? We should make a serious research into these questions.

Whatever the reasons for unsatisfactory education might be, we should seriously think of the proper ways of educating people. We should understand the importance of education in countries like Nepal.

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