Maintain vigil

Many pharmacies are found to be selling many medicines which require
prescriptions from doctors. This is a dangerous practice as, invariably,
this allows drug addicts to buy injectables and other drugs. The
pharmacies must be well aware of the harm they are doing to the society.
That the authorities have nabbed a pharmacist for selling drugs sans
pharmcies should be welcomed. It is not that the pharmacies are not
aware that selling certain medicines without doctor’s prescription is
against the law, but in order to make a quick buck they resort to
selling such drugs, thereby, adding fuel to the scourge of drug
Furthermore, most of the pharmacies are not operated by qualified
pharmacists. It must be made compulsory for those running drug stores to
be qualified, that is competent pharmacists. That the concerned
officials are now to remain vigilant to nab those selling medicines
illegally should in some measure bring a halt to such unethical
practices. The vigil on the drug stores should be a sustained one in
order to stop the sale of injectables and other drugs without

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