Dreams and dreaming

The biological or the scientific reason of dreaming is still not clear.
It is still a mystery, you can say. But, several hypothesis and theories
have been formulated regarding it. They are from science and also from
religious aspects. Some originated from psychoanalytical invistigations
and some from investigations of human behaviour.
Some people say and believe that your soul in fact travels to the same
place and does the same in real world as shown in your dream! But, what
is the fact? Through a series of thorough investigations, it has been
proved that every average adult dreams while sleeping. The reason for
your feeling that you didn’t dream at all is because you don’t remember
it. The truth is that you see at least five dreams every night. The
maximum may be even twenty. But, don’t worry. Forgetting your dreams
doesn’t demonstrate that your memory power is low. It is simple a
natural human behaviour. Some facts have also come to light that you
remember only the incomplete dreams due to suddenly waking up. The
dreams completed in dreams may not be remembered. Even if you recall
your dream; you can never mark the exact point of the beginning and the
termination of your dreams. Try if you can. Take any recent dream you
feel you remember the most. No, you certainly cannot. The most popular
theory qegarding these comes from Sigmund Freund, an Austrian nurologhst
who gave the foundation of psychoanalytical research being conducted in
these days. His book "The Interpretation of Dreams" gives his opinion
about dreams although it is basically hypothetical. He explains dreams
as the key for psychoanalytical analysis of people’s sub-conscious mind.
You may also want to read the relation between dreams and your reality.
Dream is linked with your real life; you will most probably be a
thespian of your dream. And, since you yourself exist in real life, we
can call dreams as having at least some bond with your life. Freud had
said "Dreams are more real than reality itself, they are closer to the
Why do we forget the dreams? Dreams we see many but there are no
explanation as to why we barely remember any of them fully, apart of the
little clips of the ones that end abruptly with your waking up. But, we
even don’t remember those that get ended due to suddenly walking up.
Why? This is simpler. We do many things daily in a sequence. But, we
can’t remember that sequence in the exact manner. The reason is becaused
some of the parts of the sequence ought to be less vivid or unnecessary
than others. The same analoy is applicable in case of dreams as well.

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